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Terms of Service and Rules

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The Ulefone Forum is a great place to read official announcements, post questions and share comments with tech enthusiasts, Ulefone fans and staff members.
In order to keep the forums relevant and manageable for our team, we’d like you to review the forums rules and guidelines first and follow them when contributing to the platform. Members who do not agree with or violate the general code of conduct will be temporarily suspended or banned from the Ulefone Forums.

1. You will be warned for Violations of these rules.
1.1 Thread title
Your thread title should be legible, informative and should relate to the content of your thread.
1.2 Choice of subforum
Post your thread in the relevant subforum. Do not post several instances of the same thread in different subforums. Ask yourself "if I were looking for this thread, is this the first place I would try to find it?" If you accidentally post in the wrong subforum, ask moderators to move the thread. Do not open a duplicate.
1.3 Pointless & off-topic
Discuss the topic as defined in the original post. "TL;DR", "first!" and similarly useless posts fall under this rule, too. If for any reason you find yourself engaged in an off-topic discussion, please move to a more pertinent thread or continue via private messages.
1.4 No ads
The Ulefone forum is not an ad space/fundraiser. Any content (posts, signatures, profile details, etc) published in order to sell a product/service or obtain personal gain will be removed. Multiple infractions in a short period will be considered spamming and subject to temporary or permanent bans.

2. You will be temporarily or permanently banned for violations of these rules.

Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. The following actions will be prohibited from the Ulefone Forum:
Using inappropriate language including sexually explicit, violent as well as offensive content.
Showing a lack of respect and tolerance towards any forums members.
Attacking personally forums members based on religious, racial, political beliefs or any offensive reasons that are not related to the topic of this forum.
"Doxxing" or threatening to reveal personal details of other users. You are advised not to reveal personal information about yourself in the forum.
Posting malware/phishing websites and other content that is strictly harmful.

3. Search similar threads before posting or creating a new discussion

New joiners are strongly advised to use search function before starting a new discussion. Other members may have already shared about the specific subject or addressed the question you are about to ask. If you post a thread that is very similar to already posted ones, it may get merged or closed by the moderation team.

4. Languages

Threads should be clear and include appropriate and descriptive subjects in order to provide more understanding to fellow members. The Ulefone Forums are primarily an English speaking community, so members are asked to post in English on our main sub-forums. However, other languages are supported in ourregional sub-forums.

5. Constructive Feedback

At Ulefone, we welcome your feedback. Sometimes, your feedback may be negative, and that's okay. We want to hear your honest thoughts on our products and our brand as a whole. However, criticism should be legitimate, constructive and suggest solutions. Posts that exist solely to attack Ulefone without basis will be removed. Action may be taken against users who continuously break this rule.

6. One Account Per User

On the Ulefone forums, everyone's voice should be equal. In that spirit, users are allowed ONE account only. Users found to be using multiple accounts may have all accounts banned and/or removed. This includes accounts created to circumvent bans.

7. Editing / Closing / Deleting Threads

The moderation team reserves the right to edit, merge, close or delete any thread at any time, given that a post breaks these guidelines. You will receive a notification explaining the reason why a thread has been modified or closed. If you are unhappy with decision made by moderators, firstly seek out the moderator responsible for an explanation. If that discussion is not fruitful, refer to an administrator. Their decision will be final.

We may update forum rules when that is necessary without announcement.  

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